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Provision Multi-Vendor Application System

(1)Dr. L. Nalini Joseph,(2)P. AlphinNirmal, (2)A. Mohamed Aashiq(2)K. Vignesh Raja

(1)Professor, (2)Student ,Department of Computer Science & Engineering , Loyola Institute of Technology, Chennai

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Safety Notification and Bus Monitoring System

(1)Balakrishnan.(2)C,,Dharshini.N,(2) Harini.V,(2), Kamali.V

(1)Associate professor1, (1)Student ,Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, S.A. Engineering College,Chennai, India

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Effective In-House Voting and Verification Using Block Chain Implementation

(1)Ms. Lalitha Shri, , (2)A.Arul jothi, (2)M.Keerthika, (2)R.Vinitha

(1) Asst.Prof., (2)UG Students, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering ,S.A. Engineering College, Chennai, India

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Nudge - A Day Planner Android Application Using Artificial Intelligence

(1)Ms. Madhumitha.R, (2)Ms. Adithi.G, (2)Mrs. Ramya Devi.R

(1)Final year students, (2)Asst. Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Velammal Engineering College,Chennai 66,India

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Predictive Data Mining Algorithms for Optimized Best Crop in Soil Data Classification

(1)G. Divya, (2)G. Bharathi Mohan

(1)PG student, (2)Assistant Professor, Jaya Engineering College, Thiruninravur, Chennai-602 024

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Virtual Tutor Using Augmented Reality

(1)A.Sabarinathan, (1)S.R.Ranjithkumar, (2)Mrs.A.Bhagyalakshmi

(1)Final Year UG students, (2)Assistant Professor, Velammal Engineering College, Ambattur Red Hills Road Chennai -600 066, India

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Investigation of MUX Using Various CMOS Circuit Style under Nanometer Technology

A.Simon Prabu (a), S. Shanmugan( b), AntoBennet (c)

(a)Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engg. Sriram Engineering College, Tamil Nadu,India. (b)Physics Research Center, Vel Tech Multitech Engg. College, Chennai,India.(c)Vel Tech,Chennai,

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Proposed New Road Construction from Kujiliyampatti to Fathimanagar- A Case Study

(1)Karan.K, (1)Shobana.A.R, (1)Gayathri.R, (1)Sathishkumar.S , (2)Valli.P

(1)Research scholars, (2)Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Government College of Engineering – Srirangam,Tamil Nadu,India

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On a subspace of Cesaro Summable Difference Sequence Space C1( ∆)

Prof. (Dr.) Deepak Raj

Department of Applied Science, Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology,Panipat Haryana