Archiving Policy

    Archiving Policy

Archiving Policy

The role of journal publishers in the field of research and development is not only content production and dissemination but also the preservation / archiving of its contents.

Archiving is becoming a core function of journal publishers, particularly those producing online-only open access content. The advent of digital publishing made journal articles more accessible than ever before, but it also made them somewhat less permanent. It’s up to publishers and authors to take steps to back up digital content to ensure that research outputs will remain available in the long term. And, with added discovery benefits, archiving can even help expand the journal’s Impacts.

Since archiving is considered a core function of journal publishers even the publishing standards organization the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) insists on archiving in their publisher guidelines.

In order to digitally preserve all published scholarly content, IJTRET articles are deposited in and available from multiple digital archives and hosting platforms around the world. In order to guarantee long-term preservation content published in IJTRET is deposited on Internet Archive The information about indexing and archiving in other digital archives and hosting platforms can be found on IJTRET website This is to make sure that the published scholarly content by IJTRET remains available to the community even in the event of a publication being discontinued or any accidental loss of journal data in its personal archival records.

Article corrections and retractions

Corrections to or retractions of published articles will be made by publishing a correction or retraction note without altering the original article in any way other than to add a prominent link to the note. In this way, the original article remains in the public domain and the subsequent correction or retraction will be widely indexed.

Article removal

The preservation of scientific research is a basis of science and as such we will use our best efforts to ensure that material published by IJTRET is preserved and remains available for access. However, in the exceptional event that material is considered to infringe certain rights or is defamatory we may have no option but to remove that material from our site and those sites on which we have deposited the material in question.