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Performance and emission characteristics of a DI Diesel Engine using Methyl Ester of Groundnut oil as a fuel

L.Balachandar, P.K. Devan, A.Ghoghul Raj, S.Gnanasundaram, D.Hariharan

Department of Mechanical Engineering , RMK College of Engineering and Technology,R.S.M.Nagar, Puduvoyal, India

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Design of High Speed and Low Power Voltage Level Shifter in Dual Supply Applications

Ramya.S(1), Vishnu Priya.R(2)

(1)PG student [VLSI Design], (2)Assistant Professor [O.G], Dept. of Eelectronics and communication Engineering, Arasu Engineering College,kumbakonam,Tamilnadu,India

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The Sift Algorithm Based Fake Coin Detection

Sayed Umar Farook.S(1),Abinash(1),,Surya Sabesan(1),,Arun Balaji.A(1),,Kavitha.D(2)

(1),UG Students,(2),Assistant professor, Dept. of ECE, Arasu Engineering College, Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, India

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Design and Performance Analysis of Inexact-Speculative Han Carlson Adder

S.Indhu(1), A.Sriram, M.E.,(Ph.D)(2)

(1)PG scholar, (2)Assistant Professor ,Department of ECE, Arasu Engineering College, Kumbakonam.Tamil Nadu,India

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Growth of Novel Nonlinear Optical Crystal BaAlBo3F2 Suitable for High Power UV Light Generationand Their Characterization


Materials Research Center ,Department of Physics, Velammal Engineering College, Chennai-600099