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A unique service of Paper writing help will be provided at a nominal cost of Rs.250/-per page for the benefit of undergraduate and post graduate students .

Students who wish to get assistance for writing the paper must give the following details of their research / project work:

  • Title of the work:
  • Name of the authors and their affiliation:
  • General idea of what the paper/work /project is about:
  • What is the problem of the work-write major points of your work.

    Why your work is important

    what is the purpose your work

    What has been done about the problem so far.

    What is the objective.

  • Method:
  • Describe how the study was conducted – describe in the flowchart form

    Give the details of Equipment/Materials/Hardware/Software used

  • Results & discussion:
  • Write your findings.

    Write the importance of findings & its future scope

  • References:
  • Give the name of all the sources.- papers , books, and websites referred.

Note: Authors who wish to get Manuscript preparation assistance will be charged Rs 250/-per paper in addition to Article processing charges .

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